Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Sibling's 10

So I was done. I didn’t know what my four readers wanted next. I think they were relieved it was over. Plus I haven’t done that much sports observing of late. Too busy trying to take the family portrait and moving to another City.

But my Brother took a break from his musical styling’s and had some other thoughts – although I’m sure I mentioned U/7’s somewhere….but his line on Politicians (please note I haven’t changed a lot of what or how he wrote it ‘pollies’) and thinking of John Howard bowling in Pakistan – you need to watch this: had me chuckling for ages.

And for the record my Sibling does have a hat trick to his name and I have no hole in ones. So here’s his list of 10:

·         Sporting exile possible additions...

·         51. Name pronunciations Renouf, Schifilliti, Rischitilli, Ink Aleaga

·         52. Underdogs punching above their weight and getting smashed …Eric the eel, that karate guy who just can’t smash the board but still making you feel good

·         53. Celebs (pollies) having a crack at sport (but probably shouldn’t) …making you feel better about your skill set (John Howard......Clive palmer) schaundenfreud... I think that is taking pleasure in another’s misfortune

·         54. Mouth guards...fitting and that mouth wash mint taste of goodness

·         55. Billeting with a family who has better stuff than you …..I once had a porches owning family that lived in Manly

·         56. The miracle...being in the right spot at the right time...reflex catch, bounce of the ball, hat-trick, hole in one

·         57. War wound stories...taking pride in who had the worst injury

·         58. Under 7's's just a bunch of kids running around, spinning on the spot not giving a damn as they're "playing" "sport"

·         59. The re-enactment...whatever happened retell it with feeling and embellish...ever so slightly

·         60. Not getting picked last… It must have happened to some people getting picked’s a little bit based on popularity but a lot based on ability. My weight always limited my athletic appeal in PE and lunch time sports where an adult is not in charge of selection, however my co-ordination and ability to relay tactical messages to the opposition were often taken into consideration when adding me to a playground/PE based roster. As a fat kid not being picked last = win!


Always happy to hear more stuff anyone loves about sport – so if you’re bored on the mining site – then muse away.

I’m going tenpin bowling tonight with strobe lighting. Will find out if that should be added to the list….surely strobe lighting, beer and heavy balls will be a winning combination?

Thanks Sport.

Talk later.




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  1. Anytime I do anything remotely coordinated on the futsal (that's indoor soccer folks) court, I spend the next three days replaying those movements in my head, reminding myself that some semblance of coordination is still within reach of my ageing and overweight body, and that if by some miracle I don't have too many beers and japanese currys between now and the next game, I may just be able to do it again... three days of beers and japanese curries later, and I'm wondering how the bloody hell we won last week.... rinse, wash, repeat until my knees give out. Thanks sport